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I hate private parcel services. USPS and Canada post are much better because when you buy something internationally they don't add hidden charges on delivery other than taxes. Also until recently, I had to spend an extra $12 in public transit in order to pick up my package if I wasn't home when UPS tried to deliver it because there was no UPS outlet in my city. Basically, for a TI-84+CSE that costs $130, I would have ended up spending $240 total. ($23 shipping, $65 hidden charges and $12 in public transit)

The only downside of USPS and Canada Post is that they take a long while to ship.
Thankfully newegg packages things well. That being said if its broken take a claim up with UPS and they should refund it. Else take one up with newegg and they should send you a replacement.
A few XMases ago I worried I wouldn't even get my PC after reading horror stories about UPS haha.
I hope the packages I just sent don't get that beat up o.o
Also funny is that "ups" is german for "oops" and the other day i walked home from school and there was a carcrash (noone hurt) but cause was a ups car. ups!
We had trouble with packages being "peeked in" last year. Apparently would-be thieves didn't like paperbacks.
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