AHelper, after reading your last post i wanted to double check if your calculator powers on after ac key press and then powers off after half a second or so on its own? I was able to fix this on two calculators in case you are interested. The bit which seems different in my case was reset button press was definitely taking me upto the language selection wizard and then the calculator kept powering down after half a second which does not seem to be the case in what you are describing. PM me if you need anything so that I don't miss your reply
If I remember correctly his calculator would not even turn on the screen.
gbl08ma wrote:
If I remember correctly his calculator would not even turn on the screen.
that's too bad.

I wonder if the libraries idea can be implemented also as eactivity strips. I basically wonder if some addins can be developed similarly to eactivity enabled addins but without showing them in the main menu. I understand how to enable addins for eactivity at least for one eactivity per addin but built in apps sometimes have up to 4 strips with separate icons etc so wonder if they created extra apps which don't show in the main menu or have extra functionality in the same app. Interestingly there are more 0x00s in the g3a headers after known eactivity areas and they could hold more eactivity icons and other related stuff so it could be a matter of playing with them but even if that works how will the single addin know it was started as second or so eactivity... So if anyone played with this already let me know please.

Also can the similar be achieved from programs - i.e. Can basic run addins or something like the libraries AHelper was working on? I suspect it is not possible same way I suspect basic cannot perform any file operations in the storage memory but would like to know if my suspicion is right or wrong.

Sorry for typos - using mobile right now
I dumped the first few bytes of the flash chip and it was corrupted. I forget the exact details, but I have the notes somewhere. I still need to reflash it...
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