Hey guys! I came up with this a while ago and thought I'd share with you guys! If you want to add something to the list then go ahead and reply! What I've got down is what has impacted me the most and I guess this is my weird way of saying thanks for being an amazing community in and out the of MC server Very Happy

You know you're in an amazing MC server when:
1. The owner asks how you're doing because he wants to know.
2. The owner strikes up a conversation with you and actually listens.
3. More than half the people you talk to on a daily basis say things that make sense.
4. Everyone joins in on the good jokes with equally funny remarks.
5. The owner is actually present on the server on a regular basis and actively involved even with work and real life.
6. Everyone has logical conversations.
7. You can talk about anything and people will listen.
8. Everyone is actively involved in making the server better.
9. Even the "enemies" are having normal conversation with you and others.
10. You make friends in the first week.
11. Everyone including the owner gets excited when you start a big build project.
12. People notice your existence.
13. There's a box of cobble that's been blown to bits.
14. People including those who lived in it joke about said box.
15. You can laugh at someone who breaks their own redstone and can't figure out why it's broken.
16. People leave a good lasting impression on you.
Sorry for punching you, I legit did not have the intent of knocking you into the water. I was just about to tp away and I wanted to give a friendly punch ;_;
17. You know you're in an amazing server when monkey0x9 isnt in it Very Happy
Chauronslilsis wrote:
13. There's a box of cobble that's been blown to bits.


T̶h̶a̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶t̶r̶u̶e̶.

It's gotten better though! Besides 13, I agree, this server is a much different experience compared to anything I've seen.
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