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If you've paid attention to the coverage of the Maker Faire, you may have noticed Kerm had an Arduino Shield set up for gCalcnet chatting. I did this, and build up 3 boards. Kerm has 2, and I have 1. I'm curious to know if there is any more interesting in more boards.

This board has 4 2.5mm link jacks for networking 4 TI's together, and I suspect that this could be used to interface a TI to an Arduino for datalogging/interfacing in general.

Here's a picture from another thread

It looks like I could build these up for ~ somewhere between $17 and $20 each, depending on the quantity. Is there any interest in doing this? Either reply to this post, or PM me if you're interested.
I would likely be interested. I have the Arduino Uno, and I think I remember that this was hooked up to a Duemilanove at Maker Faire - are the pins physically in the same place so that I don't have to worry about compatibility issues?
since there seem to be multiple I/O lines on that arduino, do you think that it could serve as both Cn2Hub AND gCn shield? and, can these be programmed afterward, for whatever else?

I'm interested in getting one of these, for sure!
Totally! This thing looks like it could be put to good use. Smile
elfprince13 I'm using a Duemilanove as well. It does look like the same pinouts at a Uno, though.
Luxen- I'm not sure what the Cn2Hub you're referring to is. There's no programming functionality in this, it's 4 2.5mm connectors, a couple if transistors, and some LED's. I suspect this would also work for doing a different interface between the Arduino and the TI.
MateoConLechuga-I think it could be useful as well.
this also makes me think it should work fine. Count me in.
It's worth mentioning that because of the way CALCnet, globalCALCnet, and rfdave's shield are all designed, this shield facilitates:
- Using the shield on its own, even without an Arduino and without power, as a 4-port CALCnet switch/hub
- Using the shield with an Arduino to build an Arduino-based globalCALCnet bridge. If I release a planned CALCnet3 for the TI-84+CSE at some point, this would also support that, as nothing electrical would change.
- Using the shield to connect sensors to the calculator using the TI link protocol or CALCnet, including using these routines.

The shields served us extremely well at Maker Faire.
KermM-Thanks for the clarification on functionality. I suppose I should finish off the one board I've got left, and get it working on my calculator Smile
rfdave: If you do end up attempting this, and OSHPark ends up being too dear for you, you might want to look into DirtyPCBs. We were talking about them last night on HCWP, and while you might need to increase your tolerances slightly, and you won't get that lovely purple board color, you get ten 10cm x 10cm boards for very cheap.
I'll take a look at them. I think I worked out that the bare PCB cost would be ~ $5.70 for their bulk order, so I'll figure out what Dirty-PCB costs.

I'm probably going to set up a Tindie store to sell these, that seems like it might be the easiest way to go to sell these.
There was another place that stopped by our booth at Maker Faire with business cards - do you remember who that was?
elfprince13 wrote:
There was another place that stopped by our booth at Maker Faire with business cards - do you remember who that was?
Do you mean the Small Batch PCB people?
KermMartian wrote:
elfprince13 wrote:
There was another place that stopped by our booth at Maker Faire with business cards - do you remember who that was?
Do you mean the Small Batch PCB people?

Could you stack multiple of these boards?
Could you connect a spark core to the board?
I want one! (Contest prize maby?)
*bump* Yes, you could stack there. Yes, you could connect a Spark Core to the board, albeit with a breadboard in between. If anyone has been checking out my ArTICL demos, including the Gameboy Camera + TI-84+CSE project, you'll see that RFDave's shield is extremely useful for me. I strongly suggest that you support this project if you have any interest in controlling or interfacing electronics to your calculator. I also see tons of applications for this for teachers, and plan to talk to my TI contacts about that idea.
If I had one of these I wouldn't have canabalized my SilverLink Sad
I'll buy 2.
I'm planning on a calculator "case" that will hold one of these, and the spark core, and a speaker. Any other ideas of what to add?
I would like to buy one of these if you make more.
It seems like the people have spoken. I need to re-spin the board to fix a couple of layout glitches, and then I'll build up a batch of 10 or 20. I'll let everyone know when that's done, but it for sure won't be until after Christmas, so no Christmas presents from me.
Can someone make something like this that will work with the raspberry pi?(USB preferred) Also, is CalcNet available for Doors CS 7 CSE?
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