A very useful feature collection that could be added to SourceCoder is an automatic TI-BASIC program optimizer. For example, it would delete closing parentheses and quotation marks, find redundancies like:

Disp "HELLO!

and replace them, for example:

Pause "HELLO!

It could also combine commands that require no new line/colon; it could change:

Archive X
DelVar A


Archive X DelVar A

A bit more complicated would be higher-level optimization like replacing While loops with For loops wherever possible, etc.
I am no expert on program optimization, as I am sure people like KermM are. Perhaps some of the optimizations I mentioned have drawbacks, and there are definitely many optimizations I did not mention.
Could somebody please look into coding an optimizer into SourceCoder?
SourceCoder 1 and 2 had exactly this feature, originally incorporated from a tool called OptiBASIC written by Brazucs (now MysteryGuitarMan). However, since text replacement is a pretty bad way to modify code, and a true parser isn't worthwhile, the feature was little-used and was removed in SourceCoder 3.
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