My entry to Contest 12. Basic of course, I am aiming to win free bragging rights. My program teaches the concept of Survival of the Fittest and how surviving traits are passed on. The user creates an organism choosing a few options ex. what does it eat? Nuts and seeds, vegetables, or fruits.
Then things like droughts, floods, and others will happen.
So far I have finished the DoorsCS8 icon, fancy loading bar, and intro featuring Potatoes. More updates later!
Update! Finished custom menu Very Happy
APotato wrote:
Update! Finished custom menu Very Happy
Great! I hope you'll share some screenshots with us when you have them. Best of luck with your entry, and I hope you'll use it as a TI-BASIC learning experience. Smile
I'll bring in the screenshots sometime. Right now all the code is on my calc, it's easier to move around than an all in one computer.
Update! Finished nice menu screen featuring trees! Ok thats a lot of exclamation points. Starting game development and may add a save feature so you can continue your last game.
Screenies are coming in very soon! Update finished the Organism selection and the random disaster selector. Working on each disaster. Each disaster will be a minigame type thing and different combinations of traits/variations will decide what type of game it is. Ex. Predator attack for organisms that can't fly are different than those that can fly.
Finished first minigame in which you must escape from a predator by repeatedly pressing second to run. You control a green bar and the predator is a red bar.
Nice job! You should add some screenshots to keep us entertained while we wait to be able to play the actual game/program. I hope this is also helping you to hone your TI-BASIC expertise!
Definitely Kerm Smile I have learned a lot from this already! A screenshot will be edited into this post due to the fact that I am on my phone right now. But updates include a finally working mini game that has you pressing arrows to fly away without hitting branches. Unfortunately I had to use many labels to get it working.
It sounds to me as if you have discovered the perfect opportunity to learn about replacing Lbl/Goto loops with Repeat and While loops. I think you will find that this makes your logic cleaner and faster.
I was originally using a repeat loop but for some reason it wasn't working. It threw me off schedule and I resorted to using lbl/goto loops to fix the problem so I could continue to move on.
Finished next minigame of avoiding disease by controlling a green "?" and avoiding the red thingy. Its pretty much impossible but I need to move on to finish the game in time.
Two more minigames left, then I need to work on exiting the game and highscores and getting the score to actually work
However I am beginning to question the educational value. Whatever I have come so far and learned so much I am already satisfied Smile
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