Logic simulator
You're given a goal to build a circuit which satisfies basically a truth table for inputs and outputs.

You'll start with very simple NOT gates or something, then once you build an AND gate you could use it as a circuit to build other things, and so on.

I've just been getting some basic graphics and greyscale interrupts going, here's some progress

That's an AND gate and XOR gate (lovely 8x8 sprites)

here's a mock up of what it might look like with wires (powered wire in screenshot)
(I say mock up but it's still running on calc Smile)

The help screen mentioned on the main menu just explains that a grey wire is on and a black wire is off. (maybe I should reverse these? You decide!)

In response to KermM below, I think I might provide interchangeable sprite sets for circuit diagram symbols vs traditional logic symbols for the basic gates.
I was waiting for you to fill out this stub a bit before replying, but it looks like you need a reminder to update it to a dull description in the first place. Wink I strongly recommend that you use the traditional logic symbols in an educational program such as this one to make sure that its pupils are familiar with the symbols from the beginning. Also, this is a superb topic idea, and I can't wait to see how this progresses.
Thinking about it, it might just be better to also teach people circuit diagram symbols with this type of program. Also I can display 'high-res' versions of the symbols so that people know how they actually look outside of the program where they aren't squished down
Looking sweat so far!
And lol, i had the same idea Razz
That looks really great! I still think you should consider using something like 12x12 or even 16x16 icons for 2-input, 1-output and 1-input, 1-output gates, but this seems excellent as-is. Just make sure you don't get too caught up in the intricacies of graphics and sprites and grayscale and forget about the educational content. Wink
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