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yeah, the mod might be a different story (like for people who mod a number of sub forums).
Better yet, I can just list the groups that the users is a member of.,
yeah, but same thing, those of us who lie in different lists (and a number of them).
KermMartian wrote:
Better yet, I can just list the groups that the users is a member of.,

only issue is if you start expanding the number of usergroups...
how exactly do i get the userbar to work. i added the link to my signiture but it displays the link and not the actually userbar[/quote]
did you inclose it in [img] and [/img] tags
no, he didn't
oops. should be fixed now
lafferjm wrote:
oops. should be fixed now

it is
Glad to see that so many people are finding this signature thing useful! I added this to my signature on most of the forums I frequent.
Where can I find my user number?
look at your profile, it should tell you (in the URL, u=*).
calcmaniac your user number is 504
Look at the last page.
Hehe, in case you didn't get the message yet (Laughing), RTFM,
Kerm, you mind sending me the code? I have been trying to do that for a while now. 0x5.

^Not quite source code, but still...

How to make a dynamic sig in general:
that does not do it
Incase anyone noticed, the userbar generator went down.


This is sweet!
No it didn't - http://adajoh.freehostia.com/userbars.php is still working perfectly well for me; I'm using it for the contest userbars.


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