My girlfriend has a TI-84 Plus. She needs to add a program for her Stats final; chi-square goodness-of-fit. She bought her calculator of someone else and did not have a cord. I have a TI-86 and still had the TI-Graphlink black serial port cord. Now, my current pc does not have a serial port, so I bought a serial to usb adapter. I downloaded the TI Connect software but it will not connect properly for me to transfer the program. Her final is in 3 days and she desperately needs this program. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If you still have issues with linking, you could manually type in this short program on the calculator. Here is a video that has all of the code to the Chi Squared Goodness of Fit Test.
Your best bets are (in decreasing order of helpfulness)

  1. purchase a standard USB A -> mini-B cord (or dig one out of a drawer).
  2. type the program in by hand
  3. purchase a TI Silverlink cable
  4. find an old computer with a real serial port
Writing the program worked! Thanks a million!
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