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Let's see, Nikky and a good deal of CalcGames? Maxcoderz used to hate me too, but they don't anymore.
KermMartian wrote:
Let's see, Nikky and a good deal of CalcGames? Maxcoderz used to hate me too, but they don't anymore.

Well let's just consider them haters and move on with our lives

Evil or Very Mad
Why sarcasm? You're absolutely right about that.
KermMartian wrote:
Why sarcasm? You're absolutely right about that.

0x5, ok, Sarcasm gone
I hope to finally have 5.8 pretty soon, and this is what I have so far. Suggestions and edits, please:
DCS6 is a revolutionary shell for all TI-83+, and TI-84+ series calculators. It has features everyone can appreciate. Calculator gamers will be glad to know that Doors CS supports nearly all games, from BASIC to Ion to MirageOS games. It also has a very attractive and easy-to-use GUI with a myriad of options easily available; the mouse navigation will be familiar to all computer users. Developers will love the many libraries and functions Doors CS contains. It has full support for Ion and MirageOS libs plus a few unique libs including a complete GUI API that are sure to enhance any program or project. These are just a few features of DCS6, so download now and enjoy the full spectrum of features that are the Doors CS experience! TI-83 users will be happy to learn that I am still supporting Doors CS 5.1 for that calculator.
looks great so far.!!
Fair enough. Don't see anything I should remove or add? Not too little or too much detail?
Looks good to me. Maybe you can get a ticalc.org news article. That would really get you some downloads.

Just make sure you have the manual up to date. Make a very clear section on the right-click options. ESPECIALLY the delete button. You know people will blame you and call the shell a virus for their own stupidity.
Definitely, I agree that that part is key. Some ignorant people might think the X closes the rightclick menu or something.
you must explain EVERYTHING to the nooblings. perhaps something in the style of DS manuals for Mirage and Omnicalc.
Definitely. I'm going to package up the best parts of the wiki into a pdf document, so if you want stuff in the manual, feel free to drop it into the wiki.
Looks good to me, but before releasing it, you must destroy the scoll bug (again) Evil or Very Mad
I swear, Doors CS is beginning to consciously rewrite itself to add scroll bugs just to prevent me from reaching my deadline. Crying
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