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Adventure Clicker Adventure Clicker is a game in which you kill creatures to progress. Your goal is to get at least 100 of every creature's drop. This game features: - A feature list. - Ten different areas and creatures. - An interactive yet linear ending. - Stats saving. - A custom Cesiu… 544
The Omega Trail 2.1 The Omega Trail is a text-based adventure game in which you are on a journey to find the Omega. It is inspired by The Oregon Trail and written in TI-BASIC. !If anyone can manage to make win the difficulty O-Mega Hardcore with video proof (because the stats page can easily be che… 461 10/10
Adaptive Parkour In Adaptive Parkour you must adapt your character to beat each challenge! Each level is designed with a new character design in mind. You may customize run speed, jump height, and player size. Each level is possible, and your progress saves! No need for a "README", because all t… 1680 8/10
ICE Commands 2.2 This is an on-calc documentation of ICE, intended to help an undisturbed on-calc coding experience. Latest Update: Speed increased, program optimized. 387 10/10
A Game Of Game Of Life Press 2nd to toggle selection on the current tile beneath the cursor. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor around. The goal is to select all tiles that will be alive in the next iteration before the timer runs out. The timer lasts for 60 seconds. Press enter to skip the timer o… 530
Fire And Flames Fire And Flames is a fast-paced puzzle in which you are an arsonist burning locations and landmarks to the ground. Balance risk versus reward with the amount of havoc you can cause while staying alive! (Note: Download includes source code.) This game was created for CC25. http… 527 9.5/10


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