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Quadratic Equation Solver + This is my quadratic equation solver. How to use this program, how this program works (in a nutshell) and important notes can be found in the README.txt file. P.S. If anyone recognizes part of their program in my program, pm me and I will find a way to mention you as a co-a… 593
The Mad Minute (1.0) This is my program based on the activity done in grade school called "The Mad Minute". The premise of this activity is to get as many problems right in one minute. Currently there is no timer system in place, so you have to time yourself. There is a system that lets you go to… 306
Projectile Motion Calculator This program allows you to find where an object will land when shoot out of something. This program does not account for air resistance, so when I am given or find an equation that does, I will update the program. 1468
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock This is Sheldon's rendition of Rock Paper Scissors. It comes with both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. 416
Math Problem Try to solve all ten of the different challenges using only three numbers. 326
Hangman Copied from the README.txt file: In this game, you are trying to guess whatever the 1-5 word phrase is that a different person/team has created. Here you can only go one letter at a time. Player/Team 1 creates the phrase and gives it to player/team 2. It is their job to gu… 447
The Four 4's This program tests you to see if you can get the highest value possible, using only the number 4. Special thanks go to Haobo and comicIDIOT how helped my write some code, but not enough in my book to be considered co-authors.<br><br> Post your high scores in the Four 4's Sco… 378
Rectangular Approximation Method This program will be able to find the area under the curve of an area. The eight methods it uses to solve this is LRAM, MRAM, RRAM, Net Integral, Total Integral, Average Mean, Trapezoidal Rule and the Simpson's Rule. All you need to do is put in the equation, left and right… 568
Slot Machine (V1.0) This is my slot machine program that I made. It is an alpha version and you guys can help me improve upon it. All you need to do is do one of the things that are listed in the notes section of the README.txt file and pm me the code. If it works, I will upload the updated vers… 332
Simon Says From the README.txt file: This is my Simon Says program. It will use the buttons for the numbers 0-9. If you push any other button besides these ten, then the game will end. If you fail to repeat the pattern, the game will end. There are four difficulties: Easy (pattern … 379 9/10
Encryption - Two for One This program actually contains two programs, one from me and one from tibasic. The co-authors are the ones that lead me to the site and helped me to better understand how to make the program, so thank you. For all of the legality about tibasic's program, please read the first … 289
Program Helper (Beta 1.0) This is the alpha stage of the program. You can only use the Home, Funct, Funct P.2, Input, Computer to Calculator Linking and Search Bar in the program. If you find anything that I can improve on or any glitches, please, either pm me or go to my forum and reply there: http://… 345
Dollar Breaker This program will take a dollar amount that you input and break it to its smallest forms. Currently, it is only compatible with USD (unless another form of currency works the same way as USD, then that currency will also work). If I get enough support for another currency, I w… 199
Solve for the Day of the Week This program will give the day of the week for any inputted date. 255


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