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Arc Length (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition) The program ARC84C calculates the arc length of function Y1 between any two points. The function is then plotted and the arc length is colored in red. You can use the function Y1 in storage or enter a new one. 1727
Area Between Curves (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition) This calculates the area between two curves, Y1 and Y2. This program works best if you can set the graph screen to where the curves intersect at only two points. The program first searches for two intersections, one from the left side of the graph screen (Xmin) and one… 1538
Saturation Vapor Pressure, Dew Point, Density Altitude (US Units) The Program AIRUS uses US units as the inputs and outputs. Input: T = Temperature in Fahrenheit (°F), B = Air Pressure in inHg (inches of Mercury), H = Relative Humidity (%). Output: S = Saturated Water Vapor (psi), A = Approximate Actual Density Altitude (DSI) (feet), X = Dew P… 373
Bolt Pattern The program BOLTPAT will calculate a bolt pattern given: X = center, X coordinate Y = center, Y coordinate N = number of bolts D = diameter of the circle No angle of rotation is assumed. The OC-Distance between each bolt is calculated by calculating the linear distan… 282 10/10
Equation Library The program eqnlib offers 47 equations for HP Prime’s Solver App. Just run the eqlib program, select the category that you are interested in, and select the equation within that category and you are off and running! The equation selected will be loaded into the system variabl… 1106
TI-84 Plus: Rotation and Translation of the 3-D Vector Rotates and translate a 3D vector [X, Y, Z] with angles: A: rotation about the x-axis B: rotation about the y-axis C: rotation about the z-axis S: translation of the X coordinate T: translation of the Y coordinate U: translation of the Z coordiante 201


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