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Title Description Downloads Average rating
NUMBER GAME! v5 The is a guess a number game and you try to guess the number. You set the bounds and you can also guess up to 3 numbers This is my first game and Good Luck! This version adds a new game mode and a DCS icon 1166
Quiz v2 This is used to practice your math facts. You can do addition all the way to Trig. It is useful for teachers who want their kids to practice their math facts. This volume now uses lowercase letters, Goto instead of prgm and negative numbers Plz unarchive this prgm if you are… 330
Geometry v2.0 This program is used for geometry. This program will ensure you get an A+ on your geometry test :). It has so many things to do (like over 20). This was originally made for the TI 83 calculator but yeah here it is on the TI 84 plus CE. NEW VERSION (2022!!, Wow time flies.) Ad… 6039 7.6/10
TERRE 9/11/01 This game is a little game for what happened on 9/11/2001. It is a monument for the people who died there. I hope you like it! 2033
Mario Bros I got some spare time to make a few levels as of right now. I will be constantly adding to this, a few levels at a time. 4263
MarioBros2 I got some spare time so I made a couple Oiram Levels (NOW 4), will be updating to more levels shortly Update 1.2 2761


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