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Zedd is a physics library for Axe programs, allowing all Axe games access to amazing physics. At its heart, Zedd is a collision solver, but its power lies in the fact that it is built to be expandable! With 3 libraries already included with the Beta, Zedd is fully compatible with external libraries! But most importantly, Zedd is Easy to Use! Never once do you need to delve into the Zedd program to make things work; Everything is controllable via the simple and easy to use function included with the program.

Now with Zedd, your games can feature realistic physics across all objects, and advanced effects such as ropes, springs, moving platforms, and much much more! This is a beta, so not all of the extra features are online, but everything needed to run the Zedd engine, as well as the demo have been included ^^. We sure to pick up the latest copy of Axe, the modded one by Runer here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ww26ly4m11dcnto


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Demo/AXE.8xp 5.8 KB
Demo/BUOYANT.8xp 271 bytes
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Demo/Pic0.8xi 832 bytes
Demo/README.txt 1.0 KB
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Demo/Source.txt 4.3 KB
Demo/ZEDD.8xp 1.9 KB
MomentumLibrary/MOMENTUM.8xp 312 bytes
MomentumLibrary/README.txt 1.1 KB
RopeLibrary/README.txt 1.4 KB
RopeLibrary/ROPE.8xp 598 bytes
Beta Release Notes.txt 347 bytes
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