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TI-82, TI-86, UT99/2k4/3 (as notipa), Minecrafting

CVSoft | Advanced Member
Joined 03 Aug 2012 | 211 Posts

Since then, CVSoft has made 211 posts containing 9,161 words, averaging 0.291436 posts per day and 43 words per post. CVSoft's posts are 0.097645% of Cemetech's forum posts.
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CVSoft's Cemetech posts per day

In the Cemetech file archives, CVSoft is ranked 8th busiest author with 18 files, garnering 355 downloads and achieving a position as the 89th most downloaded author.

File Archives
CBL Console v1.0 /89/basic
CBLInfo v1.1 /86/basic
CBLLight v1.1 84C Edition /84pcse/basic/science
CBLM v1.3.1 Beta /89/basic
Clock 84+ v1.0 /83plus/basic/programs
CBLLight + CBLTherm v2.1 /86/basic
Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069 /82/basic/games
Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069 /85
KeyHulk 82 v1.0 /82/basic/games
LCDTest v1.0 /83plus/basic/graphics
Newton's Method /83plus/basic/math
Source Seekers /83/basic/games
Sprite2Hex v1.0 /83/basic/graphics
Sunθ83 v2.5 /83/basic/science
Sunθ84+ v2.5 /83plus/basic/science
Sunθ85 v2.5 /85
Sunθ86 v2.5 /86/basic
Sunθ89T v3.0 /89/basic

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