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Here we will teach you how to use ICE Compiler, and how to create nice games with this compiler.

1 Installing

First download ICE Compiler and unzip it. Next, if you are using CEmu, drag the file ICE.8xp to the screen, and it's ready to use. If you are using a real calculator, connect your calculator to the computer, open TI-Connect CE, go to "Calculator Explorer" and drag-and-drop ICE.8xp to that area. Now you should be able to use ICE Compiler both with CEmu and your real calculator.

Once you are done with this, please run ICE once by running "Asm(prgmICE" at the homescreen of the calculator. The Asm( token can be found in the catalog.

2 Your first program

We have now installed ICE and ran it once, so we are now able to create programs! First, create a new, empty program via [prgm] -> [NEW]. Note: this will be the source of your program, so I recommend to have something like "SRC" in your title. In order for ICE Compiler to recognize ICE programs, your program always needs to start with the imaginary i. You can insert this token with [2nd] -> [.]. After the i, the output name will come, so the final program name of your program. For example, if I want to create the game "FLOOD", the name of my source can be "FLOODSRC" and then the first line will be "iFLOOD". The output name can be 8 characters long. Now the actual program begins!

ICE adds some custom tokens, which can be used in your programs. Press [TRACE] while you are editing a program, and a menu pops up with all the custom tokens and all the C functions. Navigate with the arrow keys to select one, and press [ENTER]. The token(s) will now be inserted at the cursor position.

3 Discussion, comments, bug reports

Here you can find more information about ICE, here you can post suggestions and bugs, and ask for help: ICE Compiler thread