Get Started with the TI-Innovator Rover
TI-Innovator Rover

The TI-Innovator Rover is a robotic platform controlled by the TI-84 Plus CE or TI-Nspire CX family of calculators. It was introduced in 2017 as a platform for teaching programming and robotics in the classroom. It builds on the programming tools provided for the TI-Innovator Hub, and requires the TI-Innovator Hub to function.

References Specs

1. Using the TI-Innovator Rover

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3. Specifications

  • Chassis: Milled aluminum
  • Propulsion: 2 powered wheels with independent geared motors and shaft encoders, 1 omnidirectional marble
  • Battery: integrated rechargeable cell, recharged via miniUSB port
  • Sensors and output: Gyroscope, color sensor, ultrasonic range sensor, RGB LED
  • Connectivity: I2C (2x), charging (miniUSB),