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Ok, does anyone know how to translate (Windows XP) one type of variable to another? What I'm trying to do is to imput data from a USB joystick to a laptop, translate the data into the P-BASIC that the BOE Bot uses, and send that data to an actuall BOE Bot via a USB link cable. Right now I'm guessing maybe making a sub-program in java or batch, but, being a newbee programer, I know neither of those languages. If anybody can help, that'll be great. Thanks. By the way, this is for a national robotics competition my school has entered us into. Also, if what I want is impossible, I already have a working setup that uses the keyboard, so it's not a, "Pull it off or FAIL." type of thing. It would just be a nice thing to have working.

EDIT: The reason this is on computer tech support is because the joystick goes through the computer to the robot. I need to figure out how to make a computer program that can translate the variables from the joystick, into variables that can be understood by a P-BASIC using robot. If it's not possible, than tell me.

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