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Posted: 08 Feb 2011 04:33:10 pm    Post subject:

Sometimes I wonder where my life went...

This idea has been floating around in my mind for almost a year now, but I finally decided to make it a reality so that I could use it with LSDOS. What it does is take a program with hex code and it compresses it kind of like the AsmComp( command. However, the difference is that you can include notes in your program. Another difference is that the code must end in "Stop" (I plan to remove this requirement) and it has to start with a note that has the name of the output var. So for example:


The beginning starts with ".[" followed by the name. The compiled program has this name (in this case, prgmHELLO is created). Any line that starts with "." is ignored.
Again, with this version, you must end the code with "Stop" in order for it to recognise the end of the file.

I really don't know if I plan to go any farther with this, but I figured it could be useful to somebody other than me :D

To tell the program which program needs to be compiled, Ans must be a string starting with "[" followed by the name of the program.

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Posted: 28 Jul 2011 07:58:38 pm    Post subject:

Haha, this project really isn't all that useful to too many people, but I decided to rewrite it anyway. I haven't added in commenting yet, but I have added in the use of equate files and labels and some other cool stuff. For example, now you can do something like this:



That translates roughly to:


.include    ""
#define     bcall(xxxx)     rst 28h \ .dw xxxx
.org 9D93h
   .db $BB,6Dh
   ld hl,HELLO
   .db 5,"HELLO"

For those interested, I have included a fairly large example as well as a fairly useful program that can be compiled with prgmASMCOMP. I plan to eventually add support for some instructions a little at a time, but that might come in the next cycle of frenzied coding xD

I still need to fix up how it reads an equate file, but once that is done I can add in all the RAM equates and bcalls documented by TI and BrandonW Smile
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Posted: 07 Jan 2012 03:56:19 pm    Post subject:

Okay, folks, here is a new (recent) update. I have added more to ASMComp such as relative jumps, 1 and 2 byte equates, the ability to define equates in the source, and the ability to use as many as 50 equate files. Provided are 4 equate files as appvars:
EQU0 contains any bcalls 4000h to 48FDh as well as RAM equates documented (many more than what TI provides)
EQU1 contains the rest of the bcalls (except xorA, DoNothing, and ret#).
MIRAGEQU contains Mirage and ION equates
GRAMEQU contains Grammer Equates

These aren't light on memory (a little over 30 000 bytes), but since they can be in archive, it isn't so bad :)

If you want to make use of this program, here you go:
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