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Hehe, so I have been toying around all morning with BatLib. Previously, the whole thing was coded in hexadecimal, but over the course of my summer vacation, I have been getting the hang of using assemblers (thanks to KermM's DCS7 SDK). I have been slowly converting BatLib to mnemonics and I am currently in the debugging stage. Sometimes I make mistakes like leaving out an 'h' after a hex value, what can I say? Anywho, once everything is converted, I will do a decent overhaul of the code implementing ideas I got while looking at the OS as well as ideas from the bajillion or so other mini projects I started. Hopefully, this will mean no more RAM conflicts, more optimised code, and even cooler features.

I will type down this random thought before I forget it again-- How about implementing rectangle commands for pixel testing? What I mean is say you have a sprite and you want to do collision detection. You can then either pixel test the border of where the sprite is about to be placed or even the whole region the sprite will use up.

Also, I want to revamp ReCode by implementing my latest creation-- Grammer.
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