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Posted: 03 Oct 2010 03:54:29 pm    Post subject:

'DE now has two members to it's developers list... me and Floppus Maximus (IDE worker). To tell the truth, we probably need about 2-3 more people to help on this -- one for helping me on the parser, one to help Floppus on the IDE, and another to make things like library support and some other bells and whistles.

I know that you might tire of hearing this request over and over on here, but we really need help from nice people like you to make this possible. I've talked around to many members here on United-TI asking if they are interested -- and they have all said yes. The problem is, nobody (except Floppus) seems to really be taking this project seriously (or so it seems...)

Please, if you can help in ANY WAY at all, email me at [email="ashbad.alvin@gmail.com"]ashbad.alvin@gmail.com[/email]
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