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Posted: 25 Jun 2010 06:38:12 am    Post subject:

In the case you do not know SPASM...
First, SPASM is an z80 assembler and linker to calculators. It can output .83p, .8xp and .8xk files, for example. It is also useful for OS programming, SPASM can output .bin (binary files) and there are linkers that convert .bin into a signed .8xu files.
It has many interesting features like importing binary and .bmp picture files, powerful macros and fast assembling.

For now you can find the latest build here:
and source code here: (along with wabbitemu and wabbitcode)

There is some incomplete but essential documentation of SPASM in this pages:

Any discussion more directly related to SPASM (assembler bugs and suggestions) and not to macros or documentation should be redirected to here (click).

In the attachments you find a macros pack preferably to SPASM and a document with extra documentation like things you might not know or undocumented until I released.
I still need to polish the macros pack (bug fixes, better usage syntax, documentation or examples) and the extra documentation (possibly to HTML or PDF).

I hope this is useful. Leave any suggestions, doubts, errors or criticisms.
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Posted: 19 Sep 2010 09:31:18 am    Post subject:

looks quite interesting. I think I'll take a look at it.
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