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Posted: 04 Jun 2010 04:27:51 pm    Post subject:

I've been trying to figure out the best and fastest way to find the mode(s) of a list. By using a frequency routine and then just a loop to find repeats of the frequency, the mode is found:

ClrList L₂,L₃,L₄
If max(L₃)=L₃(A)
ClrList L₂,L₃

List four is the output of the modes

Any suggestions? There is also some theorem for finding the mode stating that mean - mode is approx. equal to 3(mean - median),

Also, there is a quick routine posted on the TI-basic vault:

But it only finds one mode if there exists more than one.
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Posted: 04 Jun 2010 05:02:19 pm    Post subject:

That seems the normal and best way to find all the modes with sure.

To initialize the lists without giving errors (if they don't exist) use:
instead of
ClrList L₂

Then in the end to clear the lists, delete them with:
DelVar L₂
DelVar L₃
because DelVar for some odd reason does not need a new line you can type in TI-BASIC:
DelVar L₂DelVar L₃
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Posted: 05 Jun 2010 07:36:49 pm    Post subject:

This was my distraction while losing a game of Settlers of Catan...

If Ans(1)min(Ans≠L1(X

The output is in Ans. (This runs into strange issues when the modes are zero or one.)

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