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An MMORPG is hard enough to do in ASM; you'd have to use the new and barely stable calcnet engine by Kerm Martian (I think it is by him.) He made net pong with it, which was just released to ticalc a few days ago. An MMORPG would be much harder in ASM than netpong would be to make; in BASIC, while you could always do a crossover from BASIC to ASM in a hybrid program, it would be pretty grueling to make. Plus, how many people are going to buy an adapter to play a MMO from their calc?

I mean, if you really are intent are doing it, you might wanna do it th best way possible.

(In fact, this gives me an idea for a built in method for my new OOP language... Wink)

[size="5"][/size]But I do see you need a good programmers for this. If you need me, I can always write you a modification to calcnet so you can easily download stuff (in the format of APPVARS). And maybe an ASM script to convert it into weps.

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