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Posted: 13 Mar 2010 01:44:49 pm    Post subject:

As much as everyone is excited about the Real-Time Strategy Game S.A.D., we know it's going to take a while since it's being programmed in pure asm by people who have big schedules. So even though we will make sure the game is well worth the wait, I feel that people should have something to make it easier to wait. I am also wanting to make sure I keep myself on this project so I don't just give up all of a sudden. Finally, I want some experience working on the AI so that I can implement it in asm format.

So, as mentioned in the title, I'm thinking about a side project of a turn-based version of S.A.D, which will be Ti-Basic with Xlib.

Here's the idea:

The game will be strictly multiplayer or against a single AI
It will use the graphics the real-time version of S.A.D. uses
There will be, oh, probably 7-8 maps, with about 3-4 tilesets
This will be turn-based, not real-time
Battles will be handled automatically, simulated rather than displayed
Gameplay will be similar to the real-time game: Using one unit and changing it to fit your strategy, constructing bases, teleporting via transformation gateways and operation centers, using special abilities, etc.

I won't be able to do this alone. I have some people who offered to help, but if you're looking for something to work on, the more, the merrier. So I have some benefits to offer if you decide to pitch in:

* Access to pre-alpha, alpha and beta versions of S.A.D. (the real-time version)
* Mention in the credits in both the turn-based and real-time versions of S.A.D.
* Autographed copies of both the turn-based and real-time based manuals (Don't get my attitude wrong, please. It's just some people really enjoy receiving autographs)
* You can name a character or a station in the campaign, if you want to
* The feeling of actually putting some work into S.A.D. besides testing...after all, the work going into this will help us further improve the real-time version of S.A.D.

Let me know if you like the idea and want to help. And remember, this is NOT assembly, it's pure Ti-Basic with some Xlib to help with graphics.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
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Posted: 21 Mar 2010 10:08:35 am    Post subject:

Sorry for the double post. For those interested in seeing the progress of this particular project, we're going to start working on it sometime this week.
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