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Posted: 08 Mar 2010 11:38:50 pm    Post subject:

I have been running out of gameplay facts, but I still want to keep posting weekly so I don't lose motivation on the project. So I started this new "Random Facts" section. Since I'm out of gameplay facts I'm posting some S.A.D. story setting information that can be found in the future game manual. In other words, there will be nothing from the campaign, just stuff from the game manual. So whether stuff in the manual early is spoiler stuff or not is up to you.
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Posted: 08 Mar 2010 11:50:44 pm    Post subject:

Universe: Inca

Star System: Eralo (Original System Unknown)
Population: Uninhabited (Originally 36,000)
Diameter: 164,000 km
Dominant Terrain: Arctic
Geography: One continent, several mountain chains
Orbital Period: Five Earth years
Rotation Period: .6 Earth days
Additional Characteristics: Nothing important

Inca was once a life-supporting planet, several thousand light years away from the solar system. Bridges across caynons and the ruins of architecture leave evidence that the lifeforms on Inca were intelligent. However, Inca was undiscovered by any extra-terristerial life for quite some time.

Undiscovered, that is, until its sun died. A dead sun, of course, meant Inca lost its orbit, and traveled through unmapped space. During that time, it transformed from a living planet into an icy rock. And because the lifeforms on Inca could not evacuate, they died with it.

By pure chance, Inca came into orbit of the Eralo star system several thousand years later, in 2420. But no one could know just how much interest...or why...the entire galaxy would take in this one dead planet once it was discovered...

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