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Posted: 04 Mar 2010 01:52:14 am    Post subject:

Hey all,

I just need some quick help with regards to scrolling a string across the screen I'm attempting to make a "dodge the * game" where the player is confined to the bottom line of the homescreen while a string full of stars scrolls down screen and the user tries to dodge. I have the scrolling code down, I've used it to make a frogger-like game. But my issue is, I can only scroll the string so that things appear to be moving upward. How do I make the string scroll down the screen?

My basic code for scrolling is

1 -> A
Repeat 0
A+16-128(A=257 ->A                    \\ The numbers here are because I have 128 space characters appear first to prepare the user

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot
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Posted: 04 Mar 2010 05:46:54 pm    Post subject:

Changing A+16 to A-16 should work. Be sure to change the code that wraps it back to the beginning.

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