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Here's an program I wrote a while ago: It's Sokoban for Ti-Basic. Basically, Sokoban is the prototypical guy-pushes-boxes game. My implementation features a pretty interesting system of storing the maps. Level packs are stored externally from the program in lists. Included is a small html/javascript map compiler, which takes level sets, and turns them into list form. I will make a post in this thread about how I store the maps as soon as I can, because that is pretty cool and is the whole reason I wrote this program.

Note: this game isn't exactly finished or polished, I wrote it to try out some ideas I had on map storage; not to make a fun Sokoban game. Regardless, I have wasted quite a bit of my own time playing the game.

So here's the game, the map compiler, and an included level set, which are 21 levels from David W. Skinner's Microban.


How to play: run "LLEVEL:prgmSOK55", where LLEVEL is the levelset. You can try the included level set, which is just called B.

Then, navigate the Basic menus using up/down/numbers/Enter. The keys to play are up/down/left/right for movement, and Clear to restart. That's about all the functionality it has. It doesn't keep track of the move count, and doesn't have save game functionality, but those should be pretty trivial to add. Yeah, check it out.

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