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Copied from Cemetech:

Well, I have posted that I was working on this in the pokemon purple progress thread, but have yet to reveal the final plans on this program's purpose and what it shall be able to accomplish.

Mainly, this program is for me to input data in a program, use Celtic2 with a decent interface to create an appvar, and to dump the data from the program to the appvar with very little trouble. It will also do the reverse, to ensure that the data itself is being set up correctly.

As of this moment, the following works:

:: Setting program name
:: Setting appvar name
:: Checks program size
:: Checks appvar size
:: Creates new program
:: Create new appvar (just basing off new program routine)

Next up are:

:: Transfer from program to appvar
:: Transfer from appvar to program

At this point the transfer from program to appvar is about halfway done, just been too busy/tired to complete it.
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