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Posted: 13 Apr 2009 04:35:25 pm    Post subject:

All right, so my idea is this.
My and my friend were talking and unceremoniously, the concept of Halo on the calculator came up.
My friend said that it was physically impossible and I concurred.
However, as I mulled the conversation over in Chemistry, I thought of an ingenious idea.
Let's say that you have two players on the screen.
Arrow keys are pressed and the game is set in motion.
Players begin moving.
Suddenly, Player 2 presses the [Shoot] button to fire his equipped weapon.
Time stops and the game enters into a "Scorched Earth-minigame."
A projectile arc appears and the player waits until the target matches up with the other player.
He presses the button.
The shot is released!
But, wait!
Player 1 presses the [Action] button!
A velocity arc appears and he presses the button again right when the moving bar lines up with the highlighted region.
A successful dodge!
The game continues as such until one player runs out of HP.

So, do you guys think that this is possible? Test programs would be really nice and formulas (that are explained) are appreciated!

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Posted: 13 Apr 2009 05:14:56 pm    Post subject:

Probably possible with 2d partially, but sounds.. unique. ;o
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