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Active Member

Joined: 06 May 2009
Posts: 555

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 02:35:12 pm    Post subject:

Can I enroll, or is it too late?
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Advanced Member

Joined: 04 Oct 2008
Posts: 365

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 03:03:49 pm    Post subject:

Would you EVER want me in a team: (unlikely...)

Mapar007 (UTI)

Battle: "You are a very daring man... Let's see how much you have learned during you journey"
Win: "I was actually expecting this to happen..."
Lose: "That was a nice game, I have learned quite a lot today"
After: "Your knowledge was superior... I still have much to learn"

Pick whatever pokes you want, I'd like a combination of psy, dark and fighting. (Metagross, Machoke, and Absol are my usual team)

(I know that it's probably too late, but whatever...)

EDIT: Sprite C6 please

Last edited by Guest on 27 Aug 2009 01:00:46 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Advanced Member

Joined: 15 Nov 2008
Posts: 316

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 07:27:23 pm    Post subject:

absolutely not, you two. there is still plenty of time to get in this stuff, since I'm still concentrating heavily on the core engine.
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Active Member

Joined: 06 May 2009
Posts: 555

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 09:18:19 am    Post subject:

My turn!

ztrumpet or ZTrumpet or or Ztrumpet or zTrumpet or ZTRUMPET: I dont care
United TI
Sprite: A4
Battle: At last you've come to put my skills to the challenge.
Win: I Won?!?!? I never win! This is a great day!
Lose: I was too weak. Need. Better. Skills...
After: Good luck with your travelings.

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Advanced Member

Joined: 15 Nov 2008
Posts: 316

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:21:01 pm    Post subject:

Ok, got ya ztrumpet.

I haven't forgotten this topic XD
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Joined: 03 Nov 2010
Posts: 1

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 04:36:01 pm    Post subject:

Sonlen (Team Cemetech)
Sprite: Will post a custom one later
Battle: "Prepare to lose miserably."
Win: "Heh, too easy.."
Lose: "I guess I underestimated you."
After: "Train more, and one day you might just be the best."
Attack Pool I will leave to your choice as I will probably go for Moves that it learns at the higher levels.

Last edited by Guest on 03 Nov 2010 04:48:09 pm; edited 1 time in total
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