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Posted: 14 Jan 2009 06:45:23 pm    Post subject:

The goal is go through the alphabet (english and greek) and come up with something that letter is used for in physics, either as a variable representation (V = velocity) or as units (m = meters). So, getting things started here's what I know (I didn't feel like going through the greek alphabet):

A/a = acceleration
B/b = Banana! Sad I can't think of anything
C/c = Capacitance
D/d = dt (kinda cheating)
E/e = Electric Field strength
F/f = Force
G/g = Universal gravitation constant
H/h = Planck's constant
I/i = Current
J/j = unit vector in y-direction
K/k = unit vector in z-direction
L/l = direction cosine from x-axis
M/m = direction cosine from y-axis
N/n = direction cosine from z-axis
O/o = unused, too similar to 'zero'
P/p = Pomegranate! Sad I can't think of anything
Q/q = Charge
R/r = Resistance
S/s = Curve position
T/t = Temperature
U/u = Internal energy of ideal gas
V/v = Velocity
W/w = Width
X/x = X-direction component
Y/y = Y-direction component
Z/z = Z-direction component
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Posted: 14 Jan 2009 08:21:10 pm    Post subject:

Lots of names and stuff named after names...

A/a = Avagadro's Number
B/b = Bohr's atom
C/c = Centroid
D/d = Dalton's atom
E/e = Euler's number
F/f = Feynman
G/g = Gauss
H/h = [s]Horepower[/s] Horsepower (D'oh! At least I didn't spell it with a "wh")
I/i = Imaginary number
J/j = Joules
K/k = Kelvin
L/l = Lift
M/m = Maxwell's laws
N/n = Newtons
O/o = Orbit
P/p = uhhh..."P" orbital!
Q/q = Quarks
R/r = Radius
S/s = Shell/SubShell
T/t = Torque
U/u = Unununium (the l-l-lamest name for anything ever) Very Happy
V/v = Valance
W/w = Watt should I put here?
X/x = X-ray
Y/y = Young's modulus
Z/z = Z-Transform

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ADOS (Attention deficit... Oh! Shiny!)


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Posted: 15 Jan 2009 02:01:47 am    Post subject:

No, like if there was a variable in an equation, that variable would be represented by that letter, or if there is a unit that's abbreviation is that one letter (not counting subscripts and such).
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Posted: 15 Jan 2009 12:42:06 pm    Post subject:

WikiGuru wrote:
B/b = Banana! Sad I can't think of anything
Magnetic field is represented by B...
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ADOS (Attention deficit... Oh! Shiny!)


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Posted: 15 Jan 2009 02:10:55 pm    Post subject:

Hmm, i knew that. and I thought of something for P: pressure.
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Posted: 15 Jan 2009 07:38:48 pm    Post subject:

Latin characters not yet used (and improvements on some really simple ones Razz)
d: distance
m: mass
n: principal quantum number

Greek letters (this would be so much easier if these could include uses in mathematics):

alpha: alpha-particle (helium nucleus)
beta: beta-particle (e- or e+)
gamma: position vector
delta: functional derivative
epsilon: vacuum permittivity
zeta: lag angle for helicopters (had to cheat using wikipedia for this one Neutral)
eta: index of refraction
theta: azimuthal angle in spherical coordinates
iota: one little bit?
kappa: curvature tensor
lambda: wavelength
mu: coefficient of friction
nu: wave frequency
xi: generic eigen-function
omicron: asymptotic order (Landau O notation)
pi: parameter group for Buckingham pi formulation
rho: density
sigma: sigma particle
tau: torque
upsilon: upsilon particle
phi: phase
chi: electronegativity
psi: wave-function
omega: angular frequency
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Posted: 16 Jan 2009 02:43:37 pm    Post subject:

well the B the represents feilds is a greek letter i belive its capital beta
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ADOS (Attention deficit... Oh! Shiny!)


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Posted: 16 Jan 2009 06:16:04 pm    Post subject:

No, I'm pretty sure magnetic field is represented by an uppercase english B.
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