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File Name :: Pokemon Stadium v0.25 Complete Battle Simulator
Author :: metagross111
Category :: Ti-83plus Basic Games
Screenshot ::
Description ::
It's just a Pokemon Stadium Clone, but it's just a start. The whole point of the project was to point out that programmer's are lazy. Whenever they come up with some promise of a decent Pokemon game, they have always failed to deliver. In the past, there has only been ONE exception to this rule. It's quite inspiring, actually. As busy as tifreak8x is, he manages to put time in over the years carefully optimizing his program and such. His goal is different, however; I believe he's just trying to prove a pure-BASIC ( though that term is sort of being skewed ) game can be incredible as well. I agree. So, this is a battle simulator, you get to pick one Pokemon of your choice out of six. Of all the six Pokemon, they have 22 attacks at their disposal to knock each other silly with, ending the battle when you forfeit or a Pokemon loses all it's remaining HP. What you will eventually catch on to, is that the battle plays out very similarly to Pokemon Red and Blue, all they way down to attacks, types, effects, and statuses! For those of you that DO read this, feedback is imperative. I listen to it a lot more than you think. Please, contact me with any bugs and/or suggestions about the program. Write a review, that feedback is useful because everyone sees it. Tell friends about my game. They may have comments as well. If you have any particular Pokemon you want to see in here sooner rather than later, I can manage that. For a final note, I do have to say Ticalc is getting it's act together. Way to go, guys! And don't forget to vote for 2008's POTY!

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