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Posted: 09 Nov 2008 02:36:50 pm    Post subject:

File Name :: Symbols for your calc!
Author :: adje
Category :: Ti-83plus Asm Utilities
Screenshot ::
Description ::
Symbols for your calc!

For TI-83Plus (and TI-84Plus)
made by Arjen Bos aka adje 09-11-08

With this assembly program you can store a symbol in string zero (Str0). Symbols like greek and math signs and many others you can find here. See the gif-capture for all the symbols this program uses.

What's nice about this program:
. it only got the symbols you need.Other symbols which you can also find with in menu's in the calculator itself you won't find here
. this program uses a very handy way to browse through the various symbols. See the gif-capture.
. it's pretty small (641). The symbols apps you find are 25 times bigger!
. you can run this program with both Asm( or a shell (like MirageOS).

(MirageOS also supports write-back, this means when using MirageOS the next time you open Symbols again the cursor will be at the same symbols as it was the last time.)

This program also got an option to set (or reset) lowercase.(press ALPHA)

[ALPHA] : sets or resets lowercase
(access lowercase outside the program with [ALPHA][ALPHA])
[ENTER] : store the symbol to Str0
(use RCL Str0 to paste it in your own program or text)
[CLEAR] : exits the program

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