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Posted: 02 Sep 2008 03:47:59 pm    Post subject:

I am trying to read in a text file that describes a graph as follows:

1 2 4

1 2 3
4 5 2
2 3

Each line corresponds to a node and what nodes are adjacent to it (ex: node zero is adjacent to nodes 1, 2, 4). I want to read the file and using the line that the scanner is on and what integers on that line and place it into an adjacency matrix.

I was attempting to use something like the following:

Scanner scan = new Scanner(new File(fileName));
scan.useDelimiter( "//r" );
int count = 0;
     adjacencyMatrix[count][scan.nextInt()] = 1;

Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?
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Posted: 03 Sep 2008 07:14:50 am    Post subject:

Why do you have that =1 bit in there. Don't you want the scan.nextInt()? Also, you will want to inc count when going on to the next line.
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Joined: 02 Sep 2008
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Posted: 05 Sep 2008 09:47:12 pm    Post subject:

To clarify:

adjacencyMatrix is a two dimensional array consisting of integers 1 or 0 to indicate that two nodes are connected. The problem is that I'm not sure how to use the delimiter, /r (for a return carry ), as a stopping point to increment count so that it can continue to fill in the matrix...
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