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Posted: 08 Mar 2008 08:43:06 am    Post subject:

History shows that, in forum polls, the "View Results (Null Vote)" option is indirectly misleading in a way that I'm sure has gotten the better of most members in their early days: they read that first part and, only wanting to take a peek at the most popular answer before making a final decision, click down on it and suddenly end up discarding their votes, and then only afterward do they realize what was suggested to them inside the parentheses. I think these mistakes would be mostly eliminated if the button were simply relabeled to Abstain.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2008 01:15:34 pm    Post subject:

The best I can do is remove the "null vote" function entirely (and just let members view results indiscriminately). To rename the button, one could probably do a search-and-replace through the IPB software...
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Posted: 09 Mar 2008 03:44:41 pm    Post subject:

I've never cared about this obviously, but we should probably ask the people who are affected by it.

Perhaps a poll with no options? Very Happy
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