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For the future generation that may be reading this: once upon a time, this entire subforum was just one topic. When we got to 28 challenges, it was suggested that maybe it's a good idea to split it into many topics, so split them we did. Anyway, that's why sometimes two of the teasers are in the same topic (people were talking about both in the same posts, so we couldn't separate them), or why people are referring to a 17-page thread when it's only one page long.

So here are the rules for this subforum:

  1. Firstly, what we do here is post short challenges to write the smallest TI-Basic program that solves some problem. Occasionally, something else weird might happen, but that's the general idea. Anything else doesn't belong here, and will be moved.
  2. One challenge per topic. You don't really have to write "Teaser 359" in the subtitle, but it might upset the neat freaks among us if you don't.
  3. Usually, size is measured by subtracting the length of the title from the size of the program in the Memory menu. There's alternate ways of doing it, e.g. subtracting the size of an empty program, but the first way seems to be the most accepted.
  4. When posting a solution, put it in [escape][quote][/escape] tags, and make the font color of the solution white (with [escape][color=white][/escape]). That way, people reading the post can't see the solution unless they highlight it, so it won't spoil the answer for anyone. An alternative is to use [escape][spoiler][/escape] tags, which will result in something [whiteout]like this[/whiteout].
  5. If you find a better solution for any of the old teasers, don't hesitate to post it. Otherwise, posting to an very old challenge is discouraged, although you still might do it if you have something very useful to add.
  6. Again, please do NOT post anything but teasers in this topic. In particular, do not post requests for help with TI-Basic problems you're having (they belong in the main TI-Basic forum). Yes, we can tell, and yes, they WILL be moved, and WILL leave me with less patience to actually help you.

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