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Joined: 17 May 2004
Posts: 529

Posted: 18 Sep 2006 07:27:25 pm    Post subject:

Recently it was announced on ticalc.org that Brandon Wilson (brando@chartertn.net), and Michael Vincent (michael@radicalsoft.org) have made a pretty successful program, but it is only for the TI-84.

It seems that this idea is going so well, a hard drive probably wont be necessary anymore. But I cant decide myself. What do you guys think? Should I continue, or focus on another project such as the TI-WiFi project that has only been discussed...
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Fallen Ghost


Joined: 15 Jun 2006
Posts: 955

Posted: 18 Sep 2006 07:39:29 pm    Post subject:

I think you should do what you want, not what we want you to do. I don't vote
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Advanced Member

Joined: 14 Feb 2006
Posts: 470

Posted: 18 Sep 2006 08:21:20 pm    Post subject:

I would see if you can learn of their method for accessing a drive via usb and see if that would be easier then a harddrive to serial converter? If it is, then get yourself an external hdd case and use usb. If it's not easier, then go with your original plan.

Even though they have interfaced a flash drive, interfacing a harddrive would be just as cool. You would also have a lot of useful experience from doing so. This could be helpful for your projects in the future.

What do you guys think of the Silverlink as a serial to usb adapter? iirc, it's duplex, so data can be sent either way. If it would work, then you can cover both the 83+ and the 84, which would definitely be a cool achievement for us 83+ users out there.
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Super Elite (Last Title)

Joined: 11 Apr 2005
Posts: 3500

Posted: 19 Sep 2006 11:09:26 am    Post subject:

usb or serial works for me, although id prefer USB...
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Advanced Member

Joined: 17 Jun 2006
Posts: 369

Posted: 19 Sep 2006 07:26:21 pm    Post subject:

I think you should continue the project and I think I'd prefer for the serial on the 83/84. Especially the 83+. The 84's already have the Flash drive driver going for them, so now it should be the 83+'s turn to be in the spotlight of revolutionary calc technology.
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Unregistered HyperCam 2

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Joined: 10 Nov 2003
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Posted: 20 Sep 2006 10:12:22 am    Post subject:

Yeah, I'd say maybe change the project's focus. TI WiFi or bluetooth would worth looking into. Also if you want some USB stuff for 89T I remember people on that slashdot remarking on the flash drive thing not supporting the 68k machines.
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