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I think it would be quite helpful if we started a list of common questions about TI 89 BASIC, it usage, tips and tricks, etc.

So here's a (short) start:
Q: How do you get the top menu bar to go away?
A: You can't...sorry.
Q: Can I wrap long lines of text?
A: Not automatically, but you can by splitting the text into sub-lines.
Q: What's the difference between the I/O screen and the home screen?
A: The I/O screen is by default reserved for the Input and Output (I/O) of programs, while the Home screen stores the history of what you do in the regular TI-OS

NOTE: these are pretty brief answers, to be fleshed out later. also, i'm probably wrong on some answers, since i'm pretty new to ti89 BASIC. please correct me.
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