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Posted: 15 Jul 2006 05:24:27 pm    Post subject:

File Name :: PicArc Picture Database Program
Author :: Iambian
Category :: Ti-83plus Asm Utilities
Description ::
This program is designed to store numerous picture files into a "database" file of your choosing. The project supports reading picture files and the database file(s) from archive, so nothing but this program needs to be in RAM. Also, this project supports horizontal and vertical RLE compression for each entry into the database (PicArc chooses the method of best compression).

If anything, this is a good and convenient way to pack more than 10 pictures (without using illegal names for picture files) into a single file for later retrieval.

The program package also includes a "front-end" BASIC program designed to allow you to interface with PicArc, and allows you to browse the database.

It is recommended to completely read the ReadME file contained within the project, even if you are going to use the "front-end" first. Doing so will save you from experiencing many problems.

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