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Posted: 25 Jan 2006 10:47:39 pm    Post subject:

Welcome to the TI-Basic subforum. Indeed!

If this is your first visit to United-TI, you should know that there are a few ground rules
that apply directly to this subforum as equally as they do to the entire website. Simple!

Next, if you are interested in learning how to program on your calculator and
would like a good place to begin, read this article from our FAQ's page. Easy!

If you want to post a question on a subject having to do with TI-Basic, that's well and good.
Before you do, though, please make extensive use of the search feature, only because your
question could be a very usual one that has been asked many times before. Yes—of course!

We're willing to do our part to help you out, but we pretty much expect you to do some
research (browsing old topics and reading your calculator manual are two suggestions)
before caving in, admitting defeat, and requesting help in the forums. Why... it's BASIC!

There is a world to explore, so go crazy!

  • Browse a great amount of programs here.
  • Navigate a list of tutorials here.
  • Explore an archive of calculator-related sites here.
  • Join an IRC channel for code help and optimization here.
  • Read the manual for your calculator in PDF format here.
  • Download TI-Connectivity software here.
  • Utilize a code-parsing interface which can only be found here.

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Posted: 06 Apr 2006 03:30:41 pm    Post subject:

It has come to my attention that TI-Basic threads are having increasingly vague titles.

I have edited four descriptions to accommodate the topics thus far.

Please try to do this yourselves from now on.


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