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About posting:

1. Do not create any topics in this forum. Actually, you can't create any topics in this forum anymore, unless you're a staff member.

2. Do not flame any submissions. If you must be critical, at least be constructive about it.

3. Stay on topic.

3a. Don't turn a topic into a pure Basic vs. libraries vs. assembly debate.

4. Topics will be pinned at the Staff's discretion. As a rule, UTI members' featured projects, as well as other very popular projects, will be pinned.

About submitting files:

1. Make sure to submit a file to the appropriate category (if you have questions, feel free to ask one of the staff members through PM or email).

  • Routines: short programs that aren't meant to be stand-alone, but rather as supplementary programs for another program. An example is a program to convert a number to a string.
  • Media: pictures/sprites, animations, sound programs, text files for the 89, etc.
  • Utilities: shells, password programs, etc. Also, programs you'd use to develop other programs (such as a program for extra characters in Basic). They are different from routines in that they ARE stand-alone.
  • Math/Science: what a calculator was originally meant for. Many of these programs are education-related or scholastic.
  • Games: self-explanatory.
2. Please provide a helpful description along with the file. Example of a bad description: "QUADSOLV for the 83 Plus. A MUST DOWNLOAD!!11" Example of a good description: "QUADSOLV is a highly graphic utility for solving quadratic equations. Its grayscale interface and high-speed calculations make it superior to all other quadratic solvers out there! Requires xLIB v0.6b or higher." A good idea is to include requirements such as "requires MirageOS" or "won't work with OS version 1.16 or higher."

3. Include a readme of some sort with your program. Screenshots are nice too, but are by no means mandatory.

4. Test your programs before uploading them! Don't submit programs that don't work. I will deny any programs with obvious bugs in them without any explanation, since my patience with such submissions is quite low.

5. As far as the Computer Programs and Utilities section is concerned: this is still a TI-related site. Therefore please don't submit a computer program unless it's TI-related. There are plenty of sites out there for hosting such programs, and you can still discuss it in the Open Topic (or other relevant) section of the forum.

6. Don't submit any programs that may reasonably be considered offensive. Use your good judgment. In case you have questions, contact a staff member.

About updating files:

1. Although our software technically provides update functionality, there's a bug in it that will mess things up permanently if you check the wrong checkbox. Rather than deal with the potential problems, I disabled this feature. Send me a PM if you want your file updated.

2. Include the new version of the file in an attachment. If you want the screenshot changed, attach that too. If you want the description changed, supply it in a [quote] box.

In general:

1. Obey the general forum rules.

2. Unless stated otherwise, all programs submitted were done by an author with copyright on the file. If a program you download crashes and/or harms your calculator or computer, United-TI is not responsible.

3. If you happen to notice that an uploaded program has been plagiarized or stolen, contact a staff member.

4. Yes, I know that the downloads system isn't perfect! If you have problems submitting or downloading a file, don't give up. PM or email a staff member and maybe the problem can be fixed.

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