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Joined: 05 Nov 2005
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Posted: 25 Nov 2005 11:22:41 pm    Post subject:

can i faint now?
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DJ Omnimaga

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Posted: 26 Nov 2005 09:08:08 am    Post subject:

Bryan Thomas wrote:
  I wrote my own engine... it was slow too laugh.gif but that was before I ripped Contra Neutral >_>

Lol I feel so used. Fine just take my engine and Go...JUST GO!! lol :biggrin:

Level Editor going good, got alot of features added to it and I can truthfully say its nearing completion. SWEET!!!!

Heres Some Screens :biggrin:

What I hope to achieve in Contra 2:


wow awesome work brian! I hope to be able to make my own level soon Very Happy .

now to find time to make them...
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Joined: 27 Aug 2005
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Posted: 27 Nov 2005 05:45:34 pm    Post subject:

That is uber sweet! :biggrin:
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Posted: 27 Nov 2005 06:37:36 pm    Post subject:

Those dotted blocks are going to be hard to implement at a decent speed, even when using line(). Other than that, I imagine that it is very possible! Looking forward to it :biggrin:
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ceci n'est pas une |

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Posted: 27 Nov 2005 06:52:05 pm    Post subject:

Shade( should work faster (and be simpler to code and to store the data for as well).
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Bryan Thomas
Outer Limit Software

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Joined: 20 May 2003
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Posted: 28 Nov 2005 12:49:04 am    Post subject:

Well shade will save space, but it will be really slow.

Shade to me is not an option because I wouldnt be able to shave the whole thing in one pass. I would only be able to shade in squares at a time which would mean I would have to go left to right every time for each square section.

How I planned on doing it would to have a for loop that would draw a single 4x7 sprite in a square. I would then tell the loop where to start out x and y wise via a premade list. Therefore it would be like this in a way:

The red squares indicate how the for loop would go about drawing it. In this case I would need 6 list cells to generate this level.

I am aware that shade can do advanced equations however I do not see how it would be of good use in this situation. I may be wrong :biggrin:
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Posted: 29 Nov 2005 07:15:17 pm    Post subject:

hmm... hmm... looks right
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Posted: 11 Mar 2006 07:43:27 am    Post subject:

Hey Bryan, what's up? Been since end November that you updated here, so what's going on?
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Bryan Thomas
Outer Limit Software

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Joined: 20 May 2003
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Posted: 12 Mar 2006 02:28:50 am    Post subject:

Hey unknown...Didnt I talk to you today? :biggrin: Nah man nothing has really srry guys, just havent touched a calc or UTI in ages, I really need to update you guys more or just officially retire so you guys wont be looking for me, truth is the level editor is really far in progress, it can save/load which was really a challenge to integrate into the game, but I managed to pull it off. Truth is I just dont think about programming anymore. I definetely enjoyed the ti community...made it seem like I actually had a hobby that I stuck too. I guess Im just 19 now and confused about life and where I want to take it so It may just be hurting my motivation. But hey guys now that I read some more topics and unknown has sort of brought it to my attention again I will try to work on it, Im not making any promises because I dont want to break them but hey lets pray :biggrin:
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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
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Posted: 30 Apr 2006 11:22:55 am    Post subject:

It's been a couple months since your last update Very Happy . So how is the level editor turning out (if it hasn't been dropped yet Neutral )?
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