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I guess plently of you have noticed by now that the Robot War project has gotten a bit behind schedule. The full version is very close to release--needing only optimization. Since the complete version is far along I've decided it is finally safe to release the Demo's source code. So far this is what is going to be included:

* Battle Engine
* Quests and dialog for the 1st level (Cape City)
* Background graphics
* Linking Code
* Tilesets and Sprites
* Lots of Notes

I'm hoping that by releasing the source, this will speed up our goal of porting the game to across every calculator model. It will also lay some groundwork for the 83+ APP port, which may be the most difficult.

Since program secrecy is no longer critical, I'll publish the code on my site and at ticalc under their TI-82 CrASH source category. The code should be out on or before Monday, May 9th.
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