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Posted: 01 Jan 2005 03:02:06 am    Post subject:

hey bryan, looked at the game, and if you were comparing that stickfest to the NES game, then you ought to put a warning that "objects in game are not reflected upon what we think of the NES contra... please dont sue us" just so Takuimo Usamari (or whatever the fuck his name is) wont go Uber_Pimpbitch on you for quite literally PISSING ON HIS GRAVE

Yeah.... something like that. And if you really think i give a fuck about what kind of lame ban or warn bs shit you pull, just remember this thing:

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There isn't even a need for debate here. We know that drak obviously has no clue just what went into the making of this program, and that if he actually attempted it himself, he would without a doubt fail miserably. So, if he is willing to go off on his silly little unimportant quest in order to satisfy the most despicable of the lowest grade of human intellect, and if he so badly needs to go out of his way to make himself look like some demented idiot, then so be it. When he is banned, he'll know what a total moron he was, and he'll only be the more sore about it.

Community after community, I have often seen people chased out because they couldn't stand to use a little logic or even the teeniest bit of common sense should their lives depend on it. Yet, somehow, they return through some other medium and do it again, over and over. They never learn.

As for the program, I think it went over very well. Whether it met his expectations or not, it has to be respected for the difficulty of programming it endeavored. I mean, come ON, it's just TI Basic. And it's quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. If he doesn't realize that, then just what is he doing here if he can't show us any better?

Ah, the life of a troll. Trying to make others suffer, one suffers the worst of all pains: A loss of (self) dignity, a loss of (self) integrity, and a violent loss of (self) respect. One can do many things as an utter moron; It's too bad it won't help anyone. There's not much to go on aside from that, is there? In other words, get a life.

Goose out.

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