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Posted: 19 Feb 2004 06:59:51 pm    Post subject:

ok, i got a ti 83 + se and i made this pong type game and somethings dont work like when it hits the paddle it will only hits it in certain places other times it goes straight through pleez help!

ok, heres my code so far..

repeat G=105
if ans:output(E,F," " // 3 spaces
if A=8
if A=1
if B=16
if B=1
if A=F and A=E
output(A,B," "

maybe i put (if A=f and A=E -1->D) in the wrong place or something. if you know why it doesn't work pleez reply!
also how do you make it to where when the paddle gets so far over it doesn't give me an error. pleez reply!!!!

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Posted: 20 Feb 2004 08:51:35 am    Post subject:

You've already got a topic for this.

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