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Posted: 25 Mar 2012 01:40:08 pm    Post subject:

Hi. I've been making a small multiplayer game called starwars. 2 people connect their calcs with a cable and have a lot of fun on math-lesson Smile. Note that im doing this in Basic because its very easy to debug. After this is done i will convert it to Asm, which will completely delete the lag when for example all 5 bullets are one the screen.

What i made so far:
Rotate calc 90 degrees.

Asm(prgmRNINDOFF) //Make a new program and type AsmPrgmEF7045C9
5->dim(lA) //list A
Output(P,1," ")//space
Lbl B
   While 1
      If Ans = 22: Stop //Mode
      If (Ans = 73 and P != 1) or (Ans = 93 and P != 8):Goto M //!= stands for doesnt equal, keys = 8 and 2
      If Ans = 84 // key = 6
      Goto S
      For (I,1,C)
         If iPart(lA(I)) = 16: Then //list A
            Output (10fPart(lA(I)),iPart(lA(I)), " ")
            For (J, 0, C-I-1) //moving the elements
         Output (10fPart(lA(I)),iPart(lA(I)), " ")
         If C != 0:Then// != stands for doesnt equal
            Output (10fPart(Ans),iPart(Ans), "-")
   Lbl M
      Output (P,1," ")
      P+1(Ans = 93)-1(Ans = 73)->P
      Output (P,1,">")
   Lbl S
      If C != 0:Then
         If C = 5 or lA(C) = (P/10+2):Goto B
End //Not needed

Now, my question is if there is a way to request a variable from a connected calc. As far as i know there only is a send option, but it would cause a lot of problems.If there isn't, could you please tell me which port do i have to send my data to, and where goes the data on the other second calculator?

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Posted: 25 Mar 2012 05:40:45 pm    Post subject:

At a Pause, Menu(, Prompt , or Input , the other calc can do, for example, GetCalc(Str2 and it will try to receive the var Str2 from the other calc.

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