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ceci n'est pas une |

Super Elite (Last Title)

Joined: 04 Nov 2003
Posts: 8328

Posted: 24 Dec 2003 04:00:13 pm    Post subject:

Right now it is Christmas in my time zone. In 2 hours it will be Christmas in the Netherlands, and in 8 hours - Christmas in the United States. Merry Christmas!
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Justin W.
Shattered Silence

Advanced Member

Joined: 24 May 2003
Posts: 429

Posted: 24 Dec 2003 04:24:44 pm    Post subject:

9 Hours 30 mins exactly until christams in my time zone.
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Arcane Wizard

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Joined: 02 Jun 2003
Posts: 8993

Posted: 24 Dec 2003 06:56:36 pm    Post subject:

Merrily Christmass!
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Creative Receptacle!


Joined: 24 May 2003
Posts: 1927

Posted: 24 Dec 2003 07:53:21 pm    Post subject:

Here's wishing a Merry Christmas to all.

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Joined: 06 Jun 2003
Posts: 106

Posted: 24 Dec 2003 08:55:00 pm    Post subject:

only a few more hours till christmas i cant wait, Merry Christmas Everyone
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Arcane Wizard

Super Elite (Last Title)

Joined: 02 Jun 2003
Posts: 8993

Posted: 29 Dec 2003 02:51:44 pm    Post subject:

So, what did everybody get for christmas?

I got a Marilyn Manson cd,
black 52x cd-rom drive with black front Evil or Very Mad (which made an awfully strange noise when used so my dad is taking it back to the shop to get a new one),
LOTR:TT mug,
LOTR:TT mousepad,
and a nifty thing to stick to the side of one's monitor that will keep a piece of paper (a4 or smaller) neatly up so you can type stuff from that paper.

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Advanced Member

Joined: 22 Jun 2003
Posts: 319

Posted: 29 Dec 2003 03:05:44 pm    Post subject:

i got a lot of cool stuff

i got:
a laptop, a dell latitude L400 that i got mopnthes early and paid for half of it myself
a belkin 54g wireless network
a large pile of cds listed on the following lines
* dave mathews band - under the table and dreaming
* linkin park - hybrid theory
* linkin park - live in texas
* mudvayne - the end of all things to come
* a perfect circle - mer de noms ??
* rage against the machine - the battle of los angeles
* rage against the machine - live at the grand olympic auditorium
* santana - the best of
* static-x - shadow zone
* tool - undertow
* tool - lateralus
most of those were purchased at the circuit city 9.99 sale
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