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Posted: 01 Sep 2003 11:21:33 am    Post subject:

62 52 53 53 wrote:
Hey! basic OSs are fine, if they use Asm utils, and aren't hardcoded.

then it's not a basic os if it uses asm. Besides, if you do that, why not take that extra step and make the whole think asm?

Also, no matter what anyone says about any point, I am stubborn Smile , and will still think they should not clean up the archives. I think JAC said something about evaluating its quality and deciding on that whether it should be taken out or not. Well, if you do that, you bring human error into play. You may have a really popular program a lot of people like, but this one person cleaning up the archives thinks it's poor quality and takes it out.
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Ben Trettel


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Posted: 01 Sep 2003 01:32:15 pm    Post subject:

I'll count the number of programs in the TI-83 Plus BASIC games section by finding out the number of <img> tags and subtracting 5 from it, so that the 5 images not being used by programs are not counted. Just a sec...
1864-5=1859 programs in that section. Half of them are crap. I have 3 games in there, and they really stink. So, 0.161377% of those games I made. Wow. That was fun.
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Crimson Dragon Software


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Posted: 02 Sep 2003 05:06:13 pm    Post subject:

62 52 53 53 wrote:
Hey! basic OSs are fine, if they use Asm utils, and aren't hardcoded.

First of all, it's not a BASIC OS if it's using AMS utils, and what the hell does "hardcoded" mean? Also, an actuall OS would be better, but you'd have to work at TI to make one. So we'll just stick to BASIC OS's and ASM-that-don't-crash-the-calc OS's. I think the real problem with most BASIC OS's is they just don't try hard enough. They're just gimmicks. They are ruining the reputation of BASIC OS's, and will probably cause mine to get less downloads and support. Neutral

Second of all, who says it should be a SINGLE person evaluating them based on his PERSONAL OPINION? There should be some kind of guidelines for these kinds of decisions.

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